80% of Salespeople Fail the 1st Year…The Selling Gap     

 " The Selling Gap  Book  will keep you in the 20% that survive and prosper”.

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Greg Deal

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Harlan Goerger

From the Desk of Greg Deal
Fargo, North Dakota


I have a confession to make!  I almost didn’t make my first anniversary.  Six months into the job, my boss sat me down and said “It’s been six months, I am not going to lose money keeping you on board.  Either sell something or there’s the door!  Don’t let it hit you in the A**!"   

I had a wife and kid to support!  I was out of my mind!    

I kept telling myself:   

IT doesn’t have to be this HARD!   

Imagine learning sales the hard way.  A small company without a training program, sales process, or an established client base.  I found out that it can be easy if you have the tools in your toolbox.  Harlan Goerger and I want to show you the shortcuts, gaining you a competitive edge.  We wrote the book “The Selling Gap” just for you!  We’re going to make it easy for you to see your first anniversary, or even your tenth anniversary!   

I LOVE SELLING! Nothing offers more freedom, higher income, and personal satisfaction of helping other people get what they want out of life than the career called Sales.  I want to help you enjoy Selling as much as I do.  It's easy!    

"The Selling Gap" offers you 21st Century Selling Strategies that work!  Things that I had to learn the hard way!  Go ahead, take advantage of my trial and errors, Don" t re-invent the wheel!  I want you to succeed, gaining the competitive advantage you so deserve!.    

Here's an example of what's in the book taught to us by one of our many great mentors. It's really cool, I'm Serious! Harlan and I talk about reframing the question in Section Four. Here goes:    





Two monks were meeting in the hall.

“Good day, Brother John. You look a bit down in the mouth.

“Yes, Brother Mark. I just asked the Bishop if it was alright to smoke while I prayed, and he said, ‘Absolutely not!’ ”

“That is interesting, Brother John, because just yesterday I asked the Bishop if it was alright to pray while I smoked, and he said, ‘Sure!’ 






That single thought process will more than pay for the book when used in the correct situation.    

Just think about it, a slight change of the wording allows one to smoke when he prays, and the other to receive a rebuke for asking basically the same question.  Amazing isn’t it?    

Greg  Harlan, I've read enough! Let me order now!    

The Selling Gap

There are plenty of options for you to select from, including .Pdf and additional support items such as workbooks!
Get plenty of copies for your team, customers and friends!

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Harlan Goerger

I want to view your volume orders of The Selling Gap and the bonus packages!


So, Greg, you ask “What else is in the book?”   

I thought you’d never ask! Well, it’s got lots of techniques for you to apply! Such as:    


Latest psychology applied to the new tools!   


Latest psychology applied to the old standards!   


New way to look and approach the old challenges!   


New Tools never before published!   


Harlan and I realize that maybe you’re new to sales or you’re a seasoned veteran.    

Just doesn’t matter to us!   

Either way, the commanding statement is not...
Tell me what works in selling today!

Rather the commanding statement is...   

Tell ME what will give ME a competitive edge, a new view, more predictable results in less time with less effort!   

Life is happening fast.  You and I don’t have time to ponder the reality of life.  No, what you and I need are results, and the results better come quickly!  We have a family to spend time with, a football game to watch, a loved one to cuddle with by the fire.    

What would happen if you could find a reference source that takes the hassles out of sales?   

Rather than spend days and days of figuring out the fastest means to get results, buy the book , apply the principles, reap the rewards.  The hassles of life will take up enough of your time, here's a shortcut.   

Here are just a few of the many tools we found the hard way that you’ll get….   


What your Customer actually buys....   


Weed out the buyers from the tire kickers...   


Read your customer's body language in new ways...   


Quickly find out what they really want to buy...   


Understand your product in a different way...   


Sell your product so the competition is not considered...   


Beat your competition, but not using pricing...   


Control the questioning, control the sales process...   


Exposed: Sales is not just a “numbers game”. Harlan and Greg provide actionable information for the sales professional … and anyone interested in sales. The Reader will soon find the authors have masterfully blended motivational psychology and neuro-linguistic programming with established sales principles. This, then, provides a very effective, new, point of view on the sales equation. I highly recommend this book. 

Lyle R. Johnson, Ph. d., MBA, President, L R Johnson, Inc. 


That's quite a testimonial!  "A very effective, new, point of view on the Sales Equation."  Doesn't sound like the old and tired sales lingo from the past.  Imagine you getting a leg up on your competition, just by using one new idea found in the book.  Such as:   


Reverse Engineering Process   


Five Levels of Questioning   


The Socratic Method   


Breaking through Personal Barriers with Self Perception   

Imagine the value this insight could have for you!   

Picture the time and effort it will save you!   


If you could gain the ONE idea that moves you ahead to more sales, what would be your return on an investment of a mere $22.00 be? 

Get your copy of The Selling Gap today!   

But wait, We’ve got more for you!   

Special offer!   

Everyone who orders The Selling Gap will also get the following:   





1. Harlan and Dr. Eric Knowles, (Dr. Resistance), Tele-Seminar!   

Removing Resistance in Your Sales!  ($30 value)

2.Harlan and Dr. Robert Jonas Tele-Seminar!                  

Featuring Dr. Jonas's innovative “Back to the Future Close”! Even experienced veterans see a 20% plus increase in sales! ($30.00 value)   






  I'm Convinced I need this, let me get started!   

The Selling Gap

There are plenty of options for you to select from, including .Pdf and additional support items such as workbooks!
Get plenty of copies for your team, customers and friends!

Is your organization looking for bulk orders?
Provide a copy for each team member, your customers, your vendors, promotional item!
For volume discounts and packages follow this link!

Harlan Goerger

I want to view your volume orders of The Selling Gap and the bonus packages!



Don’t take our word for it, here is what others a lot smarter than us say! 

“I know that my money has been invested, rather than “spent”, when what I have learned has allowed me to be better at what I do. This book is absolutely an investment!; one that I’m not only benefiting from now, but that will continue to “pay” dividends for years to come. A must have for your library!” 

Vince Harris, Consultant, Speaker www.vinceharris.com 


Taking your product and pull it apart to look at it in a different light is a great concept as in the Mig analogy. We all get stuck in our way of seeing our product and do not analyze it from a different angle. This is because it works fine now and it would be out of our comfort zone to change. True sales people look at each situation and see if their product works for that situation. Your book points out that a sales professional doesn't sell the product, first they solve the situations that are hindering a business and if the `product solves the situation mission accomplished. 

Dean Krogen, KVLY TV Sales 


Harlan and Greg bring their incredibly effective sales training to the printed page for a small fraction of the cost. This book is a great value. Here, you can learn the strategies and tools that have improved the sales performance of hundreds of individuals and companies. This book is very readable, it’s like the authors are having a conversation with you. The techniques they teach are innovative, organized, easy to grasp, and thoroughly effective. I learned a lot from this book. So will you!! 

Eric S. Knowles , Ph. d., Author of Resistance and Persuasion. www.Ericknowles.com 


“I signed two new advertisers to annual contracts last week and have three prospect appointments scheduled for this week. The magic question was, "What is your vision for your business?” Then I tailored my recommendation around their answer. And the conceptual close was SO AWESOME!!!!! I got chills as I was asking it, in anticipation for their collective, undisputable agreement that we should do business!! It was such a rush. Thanks for your guidance, Harlan. Much appreciated...” – 

Lori Thompson, advertising/ corporate sales trainer 


Yes, you can also have these kinds of comments and results!   


Gain a greater understanding of Questioning.   


Differentiate yourself from the competition   


Master your product through Reverse Engineering.   


Become competent at leading your customers.   


Forget about selling, become a solution presenter.   


Create customers for life   


Become a master of persuasion that the competitors can't compete against.   


Remember that 80% of new sales people fail! Yes, over 80% of new sales people fail! Why? Because they have absolutely zero understanding of selling skills, the buying process or questioning ability!  It isn't their fault that they are going to fail, until now.  The Selling Gap addresses the major strategies for succeeding in sales and life!   


Get your copy of The Selling Gap and get your competitive edge! Here are more specific skills you’ll gain from this book!   


What really is sales, the true understanding of buying!   


How to isolate the true prospects from the masses!   


How to Target Market to your prime prospects!   


Master the buying process and lead your customer through it!   


Understand how to engage your prospects like magic!   


Learn to read your customers and know how to sell them now!   


Learn your product in a third of the time, seeing it as your customer sees it!   


Become a master of the tool Reverse Engineering, gaining the edge on the competition!   


Understand the "Buying Gap" strategy that causes your customer to buy!   


Master the 5 levels of question and the Socratic Method!   


Use Future Pacing to get the sale today!   


Learn multiple methods of getting the Agreement without Fear!   


Two high powered methods overcome the toughest objections and resistance!   


Overcome your personal demons, learning how to turn on your personal power!   


Think that is enough? What would just one of these do for you?   

Just think, all this knowledge, experience and background is available to you. Most major sales programs go for as much as $5,000 plus expenses. Personal coaching fees can go as has as $500 an hour! For only $22.00 you can tap into the same knowledge and understanding. And it’s on your own schedule!   

Get your copy of The Selling Gap today!   

I enjoyed the book and the content. I found a lot of value in it. When I read sections it would remind me of things I had done in the past that worked very well, only I didn't have any idea what I was doing at the time. From today on "I choose" to utilize the strategies in this book for greater sales success. I think the book is very good and really hits a lot of meaty subjects on how to sell to anyone. 

Jon Becker , Wells Fargo Bank 


Oh my God, we can’t forget this!!!   


That’s right. If you read "The Selling Gap" and find nothing of value in the book, send it back!  Let us know and we will refund your $22.00. You keep the bonus MP3s!   

How can you possibly loose?   

Yes we believe so strongly in what this book has to offer we will guarantee it’s value. With the experience, knowledge and research behind these concepts, we know they work, because we use them!   

Just imagine being able to sell $5,000,000 in one year in a small market and only work 30 hours a week! Yes, it's true, because we watched him apply the concepts found in The Selling Gap!   

Guess what, the next highest producer works 60 hours a week to produce the same sales! Does The Selling Gap work? DUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH!   

Now many people would say “Enough Learning” after all we'd been through!   

Not Harlan and I!   

We found some quick results, low hanging fruit it could be called, so we went looking for more! Yep, and we found it in people like …   





• Dr. Kevin Hogan PhD, expert on persuasion
• Dr. Eric Knowles PhD, expert on resistance
• Dr. Robert Jonas PhD, expert on the selling process
• Dr. Dan Schaefer PhD, expert on performance coaching
• Dave Lakhani, expert on persuasion and cults
• Vince Harris, expert on personal performance and change






And many of the concepts and ideas the above experts provided us are also in “The Selling Gap”!   

That means you can tap into not just the expertise of Harlan and I, but many experts! And it is all field proven!   


Can you really afford to miss this cutting edge information?   


Are you willing to continue on with your current frustration?   


Are you willing to spend the next 10 years trying to acquire this information on your own?   


I didn’t think so!  You don't have time to re-invent the wheel.  You need to be getting results quickly, so you can spend time doing what you want to do, taking in that football game, playing with the kids in the backyard, cuddling with your one and only loved one by the fire.  All you have to do today is order "The Selling Gap".    

The book has special bonuses throughout the text that you will receive by going back on the web with a special code to receive even more bonuses reserved just for you.  It's our way of saying thank you for investing in your career.  Harlan and I want to you to succeed!   

Here is how you get The Selling Gap and the bonuses!   

Remember the Special offer?   

Click Below to get yours ordered!   

The Selling Gap

There are plenty of options for you to select from, including .Pdf and additional support items such as workbooks!
Get plenty of copies for your team, customers and friends!

Is your organization looking for bulk orders?
Provide a copy for each team member, your customers, your vendors, promotional item!
For volume discounts and packages follow this link!

Harlan Goerger

I want to view your volume orders of The Selling Gap and the bonus packages!

So how do two guys like Harlan and I get together?

Well, Harlan felt so strongly about helping others grasp the understanding of the sales process that he conducted well over 300 - 30 hour hands on training programs for over 10,000 salespeople!

This is not a lecture, this is direct coaching over time and results had to be seen!

His frustration with getting people to quickly and effectively understand the sales process lead him to developing the concepts of Reverse Engineering, the 5 Levels of Questioning and the 4 Socratic Questioning types!

I was one of his students! I enjoyed the experience so much that I became an assistant in the training programs.

Do Harlan and I have stories to tell you!

Guess what, you get the results of these experiences in the book, The Selling Gap!

The true bonus is quite simple! The experiences we share are not just mine and Harlan’s! It's also about the experiences of 10,000 other salespeople, given to you!

What price tag would you place on the experience of 10,000 other salespeople?  We placed a great value on it!   

It is my hope that you read the book, and apply the principles to your sales process.  I want to see you spending more time on what is important to you.    

Which one will it be for you?   

* A sales career should be the highest paid most enjoyable one to have.    

* The unprepared salesperson will experience it as the lowest paid most miserable profession, looking to get out and do something else.     

Good Luck, write back to me with your success stories!  I want to hear your stories!   

Remember our guarantee!   



Tell you what, if you're not happy with the purchase, send the book back, but keep the gifts.  

To your Success!  

Greg Deal & Harlan Goerger



PS! Act now to get the Special Bonuses reserved especially for you.  Dr. Knowles Tele-Seminar on Reducing Resistance exceeds the value of the entire offer!    

PSS ! Last chance bonus, Get the book, read it, and send me your Receipt. Harlan or I will provide 30 minutes of coaching designed especially for you!  NO EXTRA COST TO You!   

PSSS! You can reach me @  greg@thesellinggap.com   .  Looking forward to visiting with you soon!    

PSSSS! Harlan would be thrilled to visit with you also!  harlan@thesellinggap.com   .   


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